Why should I become an owner-member?

When you become an owner-member you will:

  1. Help create a store that emphasizes local food, helps local farmers survive, strengthens our local economy and transforms our local food system. You will make the strongest possible statement as a consumer – - voting with your dollars to remove food from the profit margin, to participate in and transform a community, and live by your ideals
  2. Have a voice in what products the store stocks. Your preferences help guide what the store puts on the shelves: local, gluten-free, free-range, raw, organic, vegan, fair-trade.
  3. Vote on the Board of Directors (or serve as a Director) and have a say in the general organization of the co-op.
  4. Get the most buying power for your money and receive discounts on certain products.
  5. Support locally owned businesses and help create economic opportunities close to home.
  6. Be eligible to receive a patronage rebate. Annual profits that are not reinvested in store improvements will be distributed as a rebate to members.
  7. Belong to a worldwide co-op community.
  8. Have access to a commercial kitchen that we hope to include in the store where member card holders can prepare surplus foods (for example, tomato seconds or basil for pesto) for their own use or for the co-op to sell. Fulfilling part of the co-op’s mission to educate the community on healthy food choices, members would also be able to attend cooking classes and demos.

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