When I registered for the online market, I was not a member, but I am now. What do I do?


Anyone can shop at the online market, but members save 10%.  So, now that you are a member, you need to change the type of shopper you are: from a "General Shopper" to a "Friends & Farmers Member-shopper".  You can not make that change on the website, but we can!  Please email Stacey, our Membership & Outreach Coordinator, at membership@friendsandfarmers.coop, and tell her that you are already registered for the online market, but just need to change your shopper type.  She will go into the system and change it for you. 
Ordering opens noon on Fridays and goes through noon on Mondays.  Be sure to give Stacey a day or 2 to make the change.   

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