What's Next

Membership membership membership!  We are so excited to welcome our Outreach Coordinator, Stacey Budd, to the team.  Stacey will work hard to build momentum and drive membership.  The corner stone to a co-op is community cooperation.  Stacey will help continue to build strong relationships in the community and build our membership base.



This graph illustrates the progression of steps needed to open the co-op, based on membership numbers. As the membership grows, we are able to achieve the goals necessary for opening the co-op. Each membership is vital to the progress of Friends & Farmers Co-op! 
The all-volunteer Board of Directors has been working on the details listed under the "600 Owner-member" column for some time now. The organization side of the co-op is ahead of the membership side. 
We are ready to secure a site, but we need YOU! Join today to make this store a reality!



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