What’s in Our Box?

When we placed our order tonight, I looked at my husband and said, I can’t believe we got all that for $65!

So here’s our order…so much to be excited about. Fasta joined the market this week, and Eden view continues to offer their incredible soups and pockets. And Tait’s arugula is back!

We are co-op members so prices listed here reflect that discount.

Item Name, Producer, Unit, Price
Lettuce Mix, Tait Farm, 1/2 lb. bags, $4.80
Arugula, Tait Farm, 1/2 lb. bag, $4.80
Spinach, Tait Farm, 1/2 lb. bag, $3.60
Leeks, Tait Farm, (2), $1.80
Parsnips, Tait Farm, (2 large), $1.80
Red Beets, Tait Farm, 1 Pound, $2.40
Jonagold Apples, Way Fruit Farm, 1/2 peck, $6.60
Applesauce, Way Fruit Farm, 32 oz. Glass Jar, $3.00
Cilantro, Tait Farm, 2 oz., $1.20
Salt’n’Peppa Bread, Gemelli Bakers, $5.58
Stuffed Pepper Soup, Eden View, pint, $4.62
Butternut Leek Soup, Eden View, pint, $4.62
Black Bean Red Pepper Hummus, Eden View, $2.70
Spice Rubbed Chicken Pocket Pies w/Maple Bourbon Sauce, Eden View, $3.00 each, $9.00
Fresh Tomato Sauce, Fasta & Ravioli Co., 1 pound, $4.12
Whole Wheat Fettuccini, Fasta & Ravioli Co., 1 pound, $4.80

Order Total: $65.44

Order until Monday at noon!

Elizabeth Crisfield

(I’m a former co-op board member, enjoying shopping on the couch in front of the fire.)

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