This is a producer-only market. All vendors must grow, fabricate, or create the goods they sell on the Online Market. 

Benefits of being a vendor on the Online Market

We do the work for you!

  • Marketing- Participate as much as you want! Working with our dedicated marketing team involves minimal effort but can yield big rewards by increasing your sales and telling your story.
  • Customer Service- We pack and deliver customer orders and handle all of the payments and customer interaction.  
  • Wholesale - We offer a local wholesale option for your business that maintains your identity throughout the sales process.
  • Increase customer base- Our customers are busy residents that are interested in buying locally produced products that are fresh and healthy but are too busy or unable to shop at our local farmers markets.  
  • Year-round revenue - Maintain contact with your customers year-round and continue to earn revenue throughout the year.  Some of our customers only shop with us over the winter months because the options to purchase locally produced products greatly decrease as farmers markets close for the winter months.  
  • Flexibility - As a community-based business, we are dedicated to supporting our farmers and local businesses and are open to discussing different ways in which we can make the Online Market work for you.  
Contact us to learn more about becoming a vendor.

Interested in joining the market, go to our registration page.  Be sure to register as a producer.  Once you are registered in our system, you will receive an email detailing the next steps. Our vendors are required to attend vendor training, were we discuss market guidelines as well as an overview of how our online sales system works. 

The Online Market needs current copies of the following:

  • Insurance
  • Facilities Certification (if your are a value-added vendor)
  • Organic Certification (if you will sell products as "Certified Organic")

    ​Weekly Sales Cycle
  • Wednesday 12:00pm - Wednesday 10:00pm: Vendors upload available products to the Online Market
  • Thursday 12:00pm - Monday 12:00pm: Customers place orders
  • Monday 2:00pm:  Product order lists are sent to vendors
  • Tuesdays:
    • Vendors deliver ordered products to the Market Manager/volunteer during one of the time slots:
      • 9:30-1:30pm - drop off directly at The Meetinghouse on Atherton, 318 S. Atherton St
    • 2:00-4:00pm: Market volunteers pack customer orders into boxes
    • 4:30-7:00pm: Home delivery orders delivered
    • 5:00-7:00pm: At pick up locations, Customers make payment and pick up their orders 

Product Labeling

Transparency in labeling is one of the core values for Friends & Farmers Cooperative. To the greatest extent possible, products sold through the Online Market will be labeled online with information about producers, the location of their farms and processing facilities, their growing practices, and the ingredients in prepared foods.

Market Overhead and Product Pricing

Like any business, Friends & Farmers Online Market has overhead costs, some fixed and some variable with sales volume. We pay rent to the owners of our distribution site(s), plus insurance premiums, transportation costs, computer support costs, licensing fees, purchase of supplies and the salaries.  Expenses also include marketing, general and vendor specific.

Friends & Farmers uses a variety of pricing strategies to cover these overhead costs and sustain the Online Market operations.

Our goal is to ensure that farmers, customers and Friends & Farmers Co-op are all getting as fair a deal as possible, and that the locally-produced share of locally-consumed food is growing.

Each producer will set his or her own base price for each product in their inventory: the amount the producer believes is a fair market price for the product.  To remain competitive, the base price should be as close to wholesale price as possible.  When determining base price please consider the following typical mark-ups: 

  • Customers, non-member - 30%
  • Customers, Co-op members - 20%
  • Institutional, Restaurant customers - 15%

We try to ensure that our Vendor's sales are maximized on our Online Market through a variety of means.  We reserve the right to be flexible with our mark-ups and relationships with vendors to ensure that both parties are as successful as possible.  

Vendors are paid on a bi-weekly schedule.




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