They said YES!

They said YES! 

And by that, they meant-

- we believe in your co-op

- we think an online market is a smart way to manage a local food supply chain

- we want you to show us how to get more local food into restaurants and institutions

We demonstrated our potential and explained our rationale and approach. And we won a tremendous investment in our co-op and our community from the most influential funding source in agriculture:

$92,000 from the USDA's Local Food Promotion Program!!!

I outlined our plans for this grant when we applied in May (see original post). Unfortunately, money doesn't spend itself (much as you may think it does based on personal experience!) 

It is going to take a tremendous amount of work, primarily by volunteers, to accomplish the ambitious goals described in our grant proposal and to maximize the growth of the co-op made possible by this grant. 

It's a great time to become a member. If you are already a member - recruit another by inviting them to one of these meetings, increase your investment by contributing to our event budget (not funded by this grant) or start volunteering.

There's never been more life in this movement. Take a moment to feel great about this milestone! Let your mind run wild with infinite possibilities for local food in central PA! Then decide what you can do to help. : )

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