Local on the Menu at Spats Cafe: January 26




Thank you for your interest in joining us. Sorry we will miss you this time. Please stay tuned for future local foods events.

 Local on the Menu

Spend an evening sampling great food and wine at Spats Cafe with the folks of Friends & Farmers Cooperative, while getting a behind-the-scenes look at our local food system. Hear firsthand how Spats owner, Duke Gastiger, and others are turning local into a point of Pennsylvania pride. Enjoy some of our town’s finest local cuisine while supporting Friends & Farmers as they get ready to launch a membership campaign for a grocery store that will make locavores drool.

Date:  Sunday, January 26, 2014

Time:  5p – 7:30p

Place: Spats Cafe 142 East College Avenue

Tickets: $38 (includes heavy hors d’oeuvres, wine, Elk Creek Ale and dessert)

There are no physical tickets for this event. Your name will be on the guest list at Spats.



On the Menu:

Stone Meadow Farm Smoked Cheddar & Taleggio

Clover Creek Smoked Gouda

Byler Goat Dairy Garlic Herb Chèvre, Tait Farm Rhubarb Chutney

Gemelli Breads and Crackers

Cow-a-Hen Pork Belly Braised in J&L Farm Hard Apple Cider

Wild for Salmon Smoked Nova and Elk Creek Hatchery Smoked Trout, accompaniments

Wild for Salmon Smoked Cream Puffs, Tait Farm Cherry Shrub Gastrique

Bergenblick Beef and Jade Family Farm Napa Cabbage Rolls

Tamarack Farm Lamb Sliders, Harrison’s Fig & Olive Relish

Cow-a-Hen Chicken Spadinis

Eden View Organics Stuffed Pitas

Vegan Offerings:

Fasta & Co. Egg-free Pasta, Lemon-cashew Sauce

Jade Family Farm Napa Cabbage & Vegetable Rice Paper Spring Rolls, peanut sauce

Oven-roasted and Herbed Organic Vegetables

Dips:  Roasted Sweet Peppers Fresh Basil Pesto, Roasted Garlic and White Bean, Baba Ghanoush, Hummus


Painter’s Palette of Tait Farm Shrub Drinks

Elk Creek Copper Ale

Red and White Wines (some regional)


Bottled Water, Hot Tea, Coffee

Byler Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Beiler Family Farm Maple Candy

Others TBA


Open bar for beer and liquor purchases 


13 thoughts on “Local on the Menu at Spats Cafe: January 26

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    1. Carolyne Meehan

      Hi Annie! We would love to have you. I will check with Spats about wheelchair access and will get back to you!!! Thanks for contacting us.

    1. Carolyne Meehan

      Hi Annie –

      I am sorry to say that Spats does not have wheelchair access. We inquired about portable ramps but have not had any luck. Is there anyway we can lift the chair into the restaurant? Or anything else we are not thinking of?

  2. Annie Harris

    You are so sweet to offer, but I think I’ll pass. Yes, it is possible, but a bit much in the winter. Have fun! You could ask the guys to sing It’s Easier to dance and mention me.

    How about that as a “trade!”

  3. Annie Harris

    A few things to consider:
    There should be something posted about lack of disability access to avoid embarrassment and negative publicity to Spats should someone buy tickets online and then discover That Spats is not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Law. It mandates that any event open to the public wheelchair accessible. I suggest you google ADA Compliance Standards. I hear Spats is a good restaurant with great food. but having a benefit there could become an issue if the Friends & Farmers Coop receives any government support,
    financial or otherwise. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance with these issues.

    1. Carolyne Meehan

      Hi Annie –

      Thank you for sharing all this information. We will certainly keep this in mind in future planning – making sure they are accessible to all. And yes – we will ask the musicians to play your song!

      Take care Annie and hope to have you at a future event.

    2. Carolyne Meehan

      Just to make a few things clear – Spats has made every possible change to their leased space in a 120 year old building to address ADA Compliance Standards. This is something they take very seriously. Municipal and Federal Codes understand the limited expectations in this kind of situation. It is important that the public know that Spats has been more than generous in hosting this event for our organization – and they are not in the wrong in anyway here.

    1. Carolyne Meehan

      Hi there –

      Thank you for the interest – we are sold out at this point. We will have many kid friendly events coming up in the future – so stay posted about our membership launch event on March 2nd. The Spats event is not the most kid friendly – all guests should be over 21.

    1. Carolyne Meehan

      Thanks Annie. We will keep you posted! Look for information about our membership launch in March.

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