Rising Spring pork cubes

20150501_172744.jpgWell, I think Clan Stewart beat me for best dinner of the week. But the Rising Spring pork cubes and Mark Bittman helped me get close.

Seth Wilberding, a good friend and fellow co-op member, introduced me to Mark Bittman a few years ago. (I know... I was a latecomer.) Bittman has a recipe for nearly everything and his recipes are usually heavy on the vegetables which suits our budget and our principles. So I flipped to "pork" in the index of "The Food Matters Cookbook" and quickly picked "Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables". (Quickly, as in, the baby's still napping, get chopping!)

This was a story of substitution... no leeks - use onions, no zucchini - use cabbage, no chopped tomatoes - call the neighbor, no fresh parsley - ok, got dried, no bay leaves - oh well, no time to defrost chicken stock - bouillon. So it's not Bittman's fault I couldn't compete with Clan Stewart.


I'm sorry to say, other than the pork and the parsley which I dried last summer, I can't report the sources of any of these vegetables. Honestly, I think the meal suffered somewhat. We didn't have the same gratitude sitting down as we do when we marvel at the gorgeous fresh food that comes from farms we've seen.

Starting the online market in December seemed like a crazy notion. But learning how to distribute the food over the slow winter months was a wise decision and like CSA members and Farmers Market devotees, online market customers are just chomping at the bit to see more of those bright fresh vegetables coming in the weeks and months ahead.


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