Rhubarb Cobbler

When I saw Eden View's offer of rhubarb on the online market my brain flashed to my freezer where I still have a few bags of u-pick strawberries from Shuey Farm last summer.

20150506_190724.jpgI'm all for cheating the seasons!

The bundle of rhubarb was enough for two batches, so I hatched a plan to bring one to the Friends & Farmers Board meeting last night.

It's hard for me to make meetings in the 7-9 pm timeframe since that's the bedtime hour for my just-about-to-turn 1 daughter (part of the reason I stepped off the board last fall). But this week's agenda included discussion about two grant applications the board is preparing to submit next week - and I really wanted to participate. If both grant applications were successful, we would have an infusion of about $110,000 to support the Online Market and fund some key business/financial reports we need to secure bank financing and real estate. When we've finalized the activities in each grant, we'll post the news here and elsewhere on the website and other outlets. It's a great time to feel excited for the co-op!



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