Pork Butt Steak? Huh?



I don't know a lot about meat. I was vegetarian in my 20's, when I learned to cook for myself. But now cooking for an 

More than anything else in the grocery store, meat causes me to raise my skeptical eyebrow. Concern about bioaccumulation of environmental chemicals and pharmaceuticals in animals high on the food chain, questions about growing conditions and humane treatment, worries about the environmental impact of the "farms" (um, er, factories?)... I just know that when we buy local meat we are limiting our exposure and minimizing the impact of our dinner plates.omnivorous family I'm branching out.

So, for my son who proudly claims to be a carnivore, I scan the meat department of the F&F online market every week. (He is four, and the food chain figures large in his mind.)

This week, we enjoyed a pork butt steak from Chase Farm. It really was ish-dish-delish. (The 4-year-olds proclamation.) The recipe originated from Wegman's and we followed it to the letter. http://www.food.com/recipe/wegmans-pork-butt-steaks-212492



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