Step 2: Choose 1 of 2 payment plans

Paper Payment Options

Owner-Members are part owners of the Friends & Farmers Cooperative, each owning one equity share of $300. The equity investment may be made one of two ways:


  • One lump sum payment of $300. This can be paid by cash or check. 

$30/10 Years

  • Ten annual installments of $30 paid by cash or check. (This extended payment plan is for applicants with limited incomes and may include applicants who are older than 65, have valid student IDs, are eligible for SNAP benefits, or applicants meeting certain eligibility requirements as provided by the Board of Directors (Board).)
    • It is your responsibility to make these annual payments, otherwise your membership will expire. 

Note: If you would like to pay by credit card, do so here.  

The equity payment is not a fee, nor is it dues. It is not an annual charge. It is an upfront, one-time investment that brings with it ownership in a community-owned enterprise—in this case, a grocery store—that is democratically controlled.

The Friends & Farmers Cooperative Bylaws and Membership Policy are available for your review at any time and explain all aspects of membership.



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