Must be Tuesday!

20150428_183617.jpgDoug is home from his volunteer stint at the online market. Our son comes in delivering our Clan Stewart pizza like he's interning for the local pizza shop, and Doug's got the rest of the haul.

It felt like Facia Luna in our house about 20 minutes later.

Clan Stewart Pizza - "Our 14-inch homemade wheat-flour crust topped with ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan; bacon; and our asparagus, onions, and green garlic." ($10.50 F&F member price)

Eden View Cucumber Salad - "English cucumbers and red onion in a sweet sour apple cider brine" ($4.04 F&F member price)

Salad made from Stone Meadow cheese, Jade Family Farm French Breakfast radishes ($1.89), Village Acres Baby Spring Mix ($4.20), and Tait Farm Arugula ($4.20). (Then some tomatoes from Trader Joes and olives from who knows where.)

Probably our best dinner this week, but that depends on what I manage to make with pork cubes from Rising Spring. 

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