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Sylviane Allen: The Woman You Want at Your Next Potluck

Sylviane Allen: The Woman You Want at Your Next Potluck

 Native home: Paris, although she has also lived near Burgundy and Nice.

What she’s craving from France. Le fromage, in all its wonderful and affordable variety. “I used to miss the bread and pastries, but I am glad I am no longer tempted. And I am lucky to not feel tempted by donuts in the same way.”

Last meal featured by her gourmet club. French. Bouillabaisse (fish soup from Marseille), leg of lamb with navy beans and aromatic herbs, Tartiflette (a cheese-potato dish from Savoy), chestnut flan, tarte Tatin, almond-pear tart… “An amazing feast! You may not be humanly able to taste everything.”

Favorite local veggie: Swiss chard. “It’s sooo versatile. I grow it in my garden, it is the easiest and most prolific crop ever, delicious and so good for you!”

How she’s using it right now: in quiches, omelettes, in a French dessert pie from Nice (tarte aux blettes-with raisins).

When she isn’t cooking: She can be found singing songs in French to the kids at Childspace, where she teaches full-time.

Why Friends & Farmers: Because she supports local farmers, appreciates knowing the origins of her food and being a part of a community effort, and believes in a sustainable, nourishing lifestyle.



Mayor Elizabeth Goreham, Member No. 1, addresses the crowd at the Membership Kickoff Event.

Favorite veggie: I never saw a veggie I didn’t like. But I’d have to go with parsnips. Roasted.

Co-op creds: My sister is a member of Willy Street Co-op in Madison. When I go visit her I just buy everything up. I like it better than Whole Foods. There’s a lot of organic veggies, plus bulk items like nuts–it really represents what people want to buy and what people work hard to produce.

Snack time: Sweet potatoes. I bake them and eat them cold.

Looking forward to: Fettuccine with fresh spinach.

Why local (in 3 words): It’s the best.



Phoebe: Supporting Local at Age 7

Favorite local veggie: Carrots

First stop at the farmers market: Looking at the flowers.

Weeding M.O.: Seek and destroy.

First wheels: Skateboard, scooter, and rollerblades

About to rule: Second grade

How she’s helping Friends & Farmers: Coloring skills

Photo credit: Mom



Coach Erica Walsh is entering her 8th year of coaching the Penn State Women’s Soccer Team. Walsh has earned Big Ten Coach of the Year and NSCAA National Coach of the Year honors.

Favorite veggie: People are going to laugh when I say this because I am NEVER home and don’t get to cook much, but it’s asparagus. I love asparagus.

Co-op creds: I was a member of the Dartmouth Co-op and I shopped there all the time. There was a great sense of community – you saw the same faces, got to know people – it was the kind of place where people gathered.

Wants to see in the co-op: Super fresh vegetables and fruits, natural soaps and shampoos, a salad bar, a coffee bar with internet and prepared foods!!!

What will Friends & Farmers bring to our community: When I travel, I avoid the chain
restaurants and stores. It would be cool for visitors to our town to have a place to go that
truly represents what Central PA is all about – to get some local flavor.

Preferred co-op location: Next to Jeffrey Field!



Theresa Shay: Teaching TriYoga, Eating Local

Years in central Pa: 13

Favorite pose: Whichever one she’s in

Eating to move: Yoga teaches that the physical body is the food sheath, literally made up of what we eat. When I eat a light, plant-based diet, my body moves freely and flows with plenty of energy. My mind is clearer and I feel calm and focused.

Most likely to be eating for dinner: Potatoes dug by our farmers at Plowshare Produce, a green salad grown by our friends who just visited, and a homemade veggie burger on an Eden View pita bread.

Memorable co-ops: Wheatsville in Austin, Texas. “Thank goodness for a sane and pleasant shopping experience. I love central Pennsylvania; I just wish they had a cool co-op like this.” Also, the co-op she found in Wyoming on her honeymoon. “It was the end of a long day; we didn’t know where we were going to camp for the night; and they had a salad bar and I hadn’t seen a dark leafy green in DAYS.”

Why she’ll be one of the first in line at Friends & Farmers: To support a dear friend, to be part of a community movement that will enhance the town, and to grab a smoothie or juice on her way to class.



Duke Gastiger, owner of Spats Café & Speakeasy, talks about community, farms, and food at the January “Local on the Menu” Friends & Farmers fundraising event.

Why local: “Flavor is all about freshness and natural nuances … and there is no better way to recapture that fullness of flavor in our memories than to always buy from trusted sources and as local as possible!”

Locally grown okra: in every bowl of Spats jambalaya and gumbo.

Wise words spoken at “Local on the Menu” Friends & Farmers Fundraising event: “Community is not taking the easy way out.”

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