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Anne Williams
Online Market Supervisor

Anne Williams was born and raised in Central P.A. on a farm; not her family's farm, but a shared use of space by neighboring families.

While she did not have the experience of farming, she feels these roots have given her insight into the hard work and cooperation it takes to work the land. She developed a great appreciation for the beauty around her, the fruits of her parents simple gardens, and the taste of real food.

After graduating from Penn State in 2011 with a degree in Communications, Anne has worked to develop her professional skills in a number of settings from the food/restaurant industry, to retail markets, to branding a yoga event. She managed a local running & fitness store, has planned multiple community events, is a certified Yoga Instructor and has taught for the past 4 years at various locations until landing currently at a new local studio, Yoga Lab.

If there’s one common thread in her work, it’s community.

After residing in State College for 8 years, she has felt and seen the importance of contributing to a place you live, work, eat, and play in. Working with people for a larger purpose toward a common goal is the appeal Anne finds in much of her work, especially now, with Friends & Farmers Co-op.

She hopes to continue to bring more local farms & vendors on board to the Online Market along with a growing customer base. She also aims to further smooth out day to day operations from farmer drop off to customer pick up. Anne is excited to have the opportunity to support the local food scene in Centre County.



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