Installment Payments

~For current Owner-members only~

If you have already become an owner-member and just need to make subsequent payments to keep your membership active, please click on the "3 Year Installment Payment" or the "10 Year Installment Payment" to make your payments via credit card. 
We just added a new option, the "3 Year Installment Payment - Early Payoff".  Some folks have asked it they can pay off the rest of their membership equity in one more payment, instead of two more.  Sure, why not!  One less thing for you to worry about, and money goes toward building the cooperative.  

If you would like to pay your next installment payment by check, simply send your $110, $210 or $30 check to:
Friends & Farmers Cooperative
PO Box 491
State College, PA 16804
Be sure to add "Installment Payment" to the memo line.  

If you are not yet a F&F owner-member, please go to the Become an Owner-member page.  

Installment Plan Payment Options

*Administrative & processing fees apply

  • 3 Year Installment Payment = $100*/yr for 3 years

  • 3 Year Installment Payment, Early Payoff = $200* Final Payment

  • 10 Year Installment Payment = $30/yr for 10 years

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