How it Works


Another grocery store in State College? Yes!

One that helps the community feed itself.
One that educates and supports healthy choices.
One that is run by you!


What separates the co-op from other grocery stores?


You decide what's on the shelves
Your voice counts, and you stay informed
You receive discounts and dividends



Money stays in our community
Revenues support local farmers, businesses, and artisans
Profits fund capital investments for local producers to increase production



Provide nutritious choices and education to encourage good health
Ensure accessibility and convenience for all people


  How are we going to make this happen?


This is already checked off the list! With the help of cooperative consultants, the co-op examined the competition, costs, scope of products, services, and other factors. The board continues to do research to make informed decisions at every step. To learn more about what is happening in the world of start-up cooperatives, visit


Membership is the main source of capital. The co-op raises funds through owner-member equity, member loans and generous donations.    We need a community of support! We need YOU!


The Online Market is up and running, but the end goal is to open a store front for the cooperative—a place where we can shop, meet up and cooperate! This 1-2-3 breakdown is, of course, a very simplified plan. But after we have enough capital, our focus is to secure a store front, build or renovate, liaise with farmers and producers, buy inventory, hire staff and open the doors to Friends & Farmers Cooperative!

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