First orders

This weekend 24 of us placed our first online market orders. It’s the first week of December, so it certainly feels like a gutsy time for this young co-op to act as matchmaker for producers and consumers, but that role is central to our mission. “Now” is always a good time to get started on ambitious projects.

We logged on and were delighted to find the full line of Clover Creek’s cheeses, and several cuts of beef from Mountain View Farm. We chose from a complementary array of organic vegetables from Tait Farm and Jade Family Farm, two local leaders in ultra high quality produce. Byler Goat Dairy offered their cheeses, but not their milk (yet?). Way Fruit Farm entered applesauce, but no apples or cider (yet?) and there was a lovely selection of sauces from Sweet Heat Gourmet.

The local food marketplace website works intuitively for anyone accustomed to online purchasing. I placed the order on my phone, actually. Entering payment was a cinch. (Price check time…I’m pretty sure we paid the same for our stalk of brussel sprouts as I paid at Trader Joe’s a couple weeks ago – but this time the $ goes strait to Tait!)

Tomorrow we pick up our arugula, spinach, brussel sprouts, and cheese. With Thanksgiving leftovers still in our fridge we had a smaller than normal order, $18. We are looking forward to meeting the volunteers and our fellow shoppers in Grays Woods tomorrow!

Elizabeth Crisfield
(I am a former co-op board member and forever aspiring to eat more veggies)

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