Co-op as Incubator

Co-op organizers have dreamed that the reality of a convenient retail outlet for local products would not only increase the market share of products that are currently available, but would also provide innovative entrepreneurs with enough assurance of sales potential to branch into new products.

The week before Christmas, two co-op suppliers did just that. Co-op shoppers bought some of Clover Creek’s first holiday cheese balls. (I ate most of ours… very tasty.) Eden View also offered to help with holiday parties by preparing appetizer trays.

Who knows, maybe a chef and a farmer met over one of those appetizer trays last week and hatched a plan to grow soybeans and produce tofu?

It’s just the beginning folks. And the beauty of the co-op is that its future isn’t up to chance or some anonymous person’s profit motives – it’s up to us.


(I am a former co-op board member, and a current co-op member and shopper!)

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