Build-Your-Own Quiche

Honestly, I should call this the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink quiche-guide. Because of the options on the online market, I’ve made several quiches each a unique combination.

I look at building my quiche in three segments: 1) The crust, 2) the vegetables, cheese and meats and 3) the eggs. and I never have an exact recipe and I’m not a professional cook—just an armature who loves the ease of throwing leftovers into a pan with eggs and making a gourmet meal. The following are not exact recipes, but hopefully will give you some inspiration to create your own masterpiece!

The Crust

Option #1: Low carb or just not a fan? Go crust-less! Who says you need a crust for a good quiche?

Option #2: Personally, I think the crust is the best part! Your second option is a classic all-butter crust. The recipe I use is one I’ve been using since college that was passed on to me from my roommate, who shared an equal passion of pastry crusts (and carbs, in general).


1-1/4 cups of all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

½ cup of chilled butter, cut into 1-tablespoon cubes

3 tablespoons of ice water (or 3 tablespoons of chilled vodka)

Add flour, salt and chilled butter into a food processor and pulse until a meal forms. Gradually add ice water, a teaspoon at a time until it becomes moist and clumpier. Gather dough and roll into a ball. Chill up to overnight for use.


Option #3: Potatoes! First, grease your pie tin so you can easily remove your quiche after baking. Next, thinly slice the potatoes and lay them across the bottom and up the side to form a “crust.” Make one layer, two layers, or three! You are the chef.


Option #4: Mashed potatoes! Oh my, this has to be my favorite option. Recently, my roommate made a plethora of potatoes (thanks, 5lb option on the Online Market!). I used leftovers as a crust by mixing in one egg and approximately ½ cup of panko breadcrumbs until it created a dough-like consistency. Using my hands, I formed the crust in the pie pan.


Vegetables and other delicious additives


Here is where it can really get crazy! Because I hate food waste, my quiches usually end up being the last of the vegetables from the week that are just on their way out… but with the online market, you can come up with a ton of delicious combinations. Here are a few of my favorites.


—Emily’s Greens Pie: Sautee your greens down until they are a little wilted and layer them into the pie pan or crust. Don’t layer them to tightly because you’ll want to make sure that the eggs can still properly soak through. Add something salty (cheese, bacon, sausage…) and Voila! The perfect late summer quiche when you are sick and tired of eating salads.


—Sausage, bacon, beef, lamb, salmon… there is so many options on the online market! Cook your meat thoroughly and layer it into the pie pan or crust. Add any other veggies or cheese, as desired.


—I find that you can’t go wrong by copying “The Waffle Shop” omelets. My boyfriend and I treat ourselves some mornings to a visit to the West College Waffle Shop and always seem to order our two favorite omelets: The Greek (spinach, feta and tomatoes) and the Eastern (no, not the Western, folks—bacon instead of ham!). Recreate your favorite omelet in pie format and you cannot go wrong.


The Eggs


Plain and simple — the better quality the egg, the better quality of quiche. That is why the only option for your eggs is to purchase them from the Online Market.


Options #1: The light and fluffy classic— mix ½ dozen to 1 dozen of eggs (depending on pan size) with milk, salt and pepper. The milk will give it a fluffy texture.


Option #2: Creamy and delicious—mix some soft cheese (think goat cheese or sheep cheese) in with the eggs to make it extra creamy.


Option #3: Herb-city— Add all sorts of herbs to taste. My favorite combination is thyme, sage, pepper and garlic.


Option #4: Pesto!— Add a spoonful of pesto to the eggs (to taste) and mix it thoroughly. Your quiche may look green and something from out of a sci-fi movie, but it will taste out of this world.


Once you have your ingredients prepped and ready for the bake, layer your veggies, cooked meats, cheese, etc. in your pie crust to get an even distribution and pour the egg mixture over the top. bon appetit!

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