Joining is Easy!

To become an owner-member, there are 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose from one of three payment plans (listed below) that fits your budget.

  2. Read the Membership Policy.

  3. Fill out the form.

Why pay to shop at a grocery store?

Friends & Farmers aims to be a store doubling as a community.  By becoming an owner-member, you become a stakeholder in the business - just like you invest in a company when you buy a share on the stock market. However this is a local company owned by the people who shop there. It directly benefits your community, in addition to your friends, neighbors and local food providers. You have a say in how the business is run, and how it will impact the community. After the store becomes financially stable, net profits get divided and distributed to the members (just like dividends).  Pretty cool, eh?

Don't want to pay with a credit card?

You are still able to pay for your membership with cash or check if you prefer.  Here is the online form to fill out for cash or check payment. 

Wait, I am already a member, I just want to make an additional $110 or $30 Installment Payment. 

Great, just head right over here

Want to give the gift of Membership?

  • Choose the "Fully Invested" or "$30/month for 10 months" membership below.  (Please note, gift memberships must be paid in one of these 2 ways)
  • Fill out the form with your the information (as the credit card name and address must match).
  • Send an email to membership@friendsandfarmers.coop saying who the gift membership is for, and any message you want to include. 
  • We will then send the recipient a gift certificate, along with the membership policy to sign.  

Owner-Member Payment Options

*Administrative & processing fees apply

  • Fully Invested = One payment of $300*

  • 10 Month Installment Plan = $30*/month for 10 months

  • 10 Year Installment Plan = $30/yr for 10 years

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