A January Salad


“I’m a monkey’s uncle” to quote Barbara Kingsolver when she managed to find fresh fruit (rhubarb) at her early spring farmers market. (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle page 38.)

That’s how we felt tonight (January 6th!) when we paired Tait’s greens with Jade’s watermelon radishes for a gorgeous salad.

Now, I’m guessing a good number of readers wouldn’t list radish in their top 10 salad toppings. But you might want to give these a try… I was in the middle of loading my own fork when I heard my four-year old crunching away. Apparently the gorgeous pink wedges are great dipped in tartar sauce.

Here’s what our salad looked like after adding the rest of the toppings – carrots, pears, avocados, feta, walnuts, and salt and pepper. In the interest of “getting real” with Wednesday night dinner prep, I’ll tell you the salad accompanied some boxed breaded cod chunks (hence the tartar sauce), and pan-fried sweet potatoes. (The 8-month-old got the pears, avocados, and sweet potatoes.)


This past week saw more customers than ever for F&F’s online market, thanks in part to the article just before Christmas in the Centre Daily Times. If you haven’t ordered yet – give it a try! But a word of warning, the demand exceeds the supply. If you want Swiss chard, log on Friday night at 6.

Elizabeth Crisfield

(I am a former co-op board member feeling grateful for the local food we ate tonight.)

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