5 Questions with Village Eatinghouse

The “Friday 5” gives Friends & Farmers members a look at a Local Loyalty Partner. Melanie Phillips, co-proprietor of the Village Eatinghouse Marketplace & Café, and her husband Clay have created a cafe that connects us to the abundance that resides in central Pennsylvania.

What is your connection to food? Since the age of 25, I have owned my own food business. At first, cooking was a skill, and I enjoyed the process of making and baking. As time progressed, my pallet for great tasting food developed an appreciation for fresh, non-processed foods….so making everything in our cafe homemade using locally sourced ingredients makes perfect sense.

How has the emphasis on local helped your business?  The biggest help has been our clients respecting our business philosophy. All of the artwork we offer is from local artists and they are happy to have an outlet for their creativity. Our local suppliers of specialty food products, produce, and bread also appreciate us buying their ingredients. Also, the quality and freshness is very much appreciated. We also enjoy the give-back that we can do locally with supporting our favorite charities. 

Why did you sign on as a LLBP? Partnering with the Friends &Farmers Local Loyalty Program is exciting for us. We love being supportive of an innovative concept that will help our area’s farmers and producers remain sustainable and profitable.

Favorite kitchen appliance? The Kitchen Aid Mixer with all of the attachments. It is undoubtedly the best investment for making and baking!

Best local food you can’t find other places? We appreciate the breweries, but we are pretty sure the best local food is our own Sweet & Sour Italian Dressing and Marinade. You can find it being used as the “house” dressing at many area restaurants.

Here’s hoping Clay will use that Kitchen Aid Mixer and bake one of his signature pies for our pie contest held in conjunction with Pennsylvania Certified Organic’s FarmFest!

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