5 Questions with Sew Plain Jane


Meet Dawn, owner and superhero cape maker at Sew Plain Jane. Dawn makes awesome superhero capes, tutus, and tons of accessories for boys and girls.  Perfect for school events, birthday parties, and even for F&F Co-op!  Dawn made “Captain Co-op” capes for us and we love them!

Favorite kitchen appliance?  Hands down, my Magic Bullet! I could run a commercial for this thing out of my kitchen. It’s how I squeeze all kinds of random goodies that my kids won’t touch (spinach! kale! chia seeds! ) and think they don’t like. It’s also how I make a secret malt milkshake when nobody’s watching.

What drove you to open your own business?  I was a stay at home mom and had tried every business you can think of from all natural skin care to cookies on a stick. I bought a sewing machine and declared I was starting a sewing business, to which my husband laughed. (He still has to take his ripped pants to a seamstress.) I’m still a terrible sewer but found I am great at getting other people to do it! Really, I wanted a way to continue to stay home with my kids without going insane. Plus I have to support my beach addiction somehow.

Best local food that you can’t get other places?  Does a long island iced tea from Café 210 count? Is that wrong?

What did you eat for (pick one) breakfast/lunch/dinner that was local or from a locally owned business? I had a super nice guy named Woody from Wilson’s Home Farms come out in the spring and make me a bangin’ garden. So I consider myself to be my own source of local food. I have more cucumbers than I can give away and all kinds of other good greenies. I had some steak and sautéed zucchini for lunch. (Can you tell I work from home?)

Why was it important for you to commit as a Local Loyalty Business Partner?  I think it’s important for communities everywhere to reign it in a little, lessen our gigantic footprint on this earth, and buy “stuff”-not just food-locally whenever we can. Maybe you need superhero capes, maybe you don’t…but someday you might, and hopefully you will remember that I am right around the corner!

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