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Meet Denise Meyer, seamstress and owner of Restitch Studio. Denise is the “Friday 5″ Local Loyalty Spotlight of the

What does local mean to you?  Expertise. I find that people who start businesses to serve this community typically have a level of expertise in their area that can’t be surpassed!

Why was it important for you to commit as a Local Loyalty Business Partner?  Becoming a LLBP means I meet the type of people who want to know their farmer and appreciate the hands that have labored so they could enjoy the bounty of the harvest.
As a seamstress, it’s about consuming less, fixing what can be fixed, and replacing what needs replaced with high quality goods that last. When I create new things, I encourage my clients to consider repurposing textiles that have a sentimental value to them.
The people who value local foods tend to value the same things I do about my craft.

Favorite local food/local food recipe? I never met an ice cream I didn’t like, so between the Berkey Creamery and Meyer’s Dairy, I’m a happy kid.

What is your connection to food?  How has it changed over time? Uhm, I like to eat it?  Over time, I’ve become better about trying new things and not requesting ingredients to be left off that are part of the sandwich/salad/meal at a restaurant. I’m trying to remember that the chef who created the dish knows more about what things combine well in a bite than I do. I’m trying to trust that expertise and I’m usually very happy when I do.

What drove you to open your own business?  I moved to the area a few years back for family reasons. With my background in apparel design, I got a job as a patternmaker at an outdoor apparel company. The job was fab, but the commute was the worst. I spent so much time in the car, I felt like I got to know the NPR hosts better than my own family– not to mention I could see my carbon footprint start to rival the size of Godzilla’s! I had done the custom sewing thing on the side for friends for awhile, so I decided I’d cut the commute and take on custom sewing full time! Now in addition to having my own business, I have many more hours per week to do things locally!

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