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Meet Amy Frank, owner of Mindfully Made Studios. Amy is the “Friday 5″ Local Loyalty Spotlight this month.

Why was it important for you to commit as a Local Loyalty Business Partner? I believe in Friends and Farmers’ mission in regard to local food, and I am also passionate about supporting local businesses and artisans. Just as we get much better quality produce when we buy locally, I believe we get more unique, authentic, high quality EVERYTHING when we support community makers and business owners.

Favorite local food/local food recipe? We are totally obsessed with apples…Way Fruit Farm is our personal favorite. I am baking four from-scratch apple pies as I type this. The pie recipe is my great-grandmother’s and I learned to make them by watching my Nana, her daughter. That’s the thing about food…it slows us down, connects us to our past, and knits families and communities together.

What drove you to open your own business? I started Mindfully Made Studios because I believe that our perspective – our attitude – shapes our world and the world of those around us. Simple, everyday reminders of goodness and grace can truly shift that perspective. I’ve always been an artist/maker, and I felt called to create beautiful things that also helped to positively shift this perspective. At Mindfully Made Studios, we craft unique, inspiring accessories that work to promote peace, presence and purpose in daily life.

What is the importance for local businesses to cooperate? We love the book, Swimmy, and read it to our kids often. It’s the story of a little fish that bands a bunch of other little fish together to protect themselves from bigger, faster fish. As small businesses, I think it’s important to work together to remind customers of our presence and importance to our larger community.

How has emphasis on local helped your business? This Central PA community has been so incredibly supportive since I started Mindfully Made Studios. It was especially apparent this year as we branched out to selling across the country. We proudly market ourselves as “Handmade with Heart in Central PA”. The landscape and culture of this place is apparent in everything we create – from the bright colors of our Blessing Bands to the Amish-inspired patchwork of our yoga mat carriers and camera straps. In our world today, I believe most people are hungry for quality, handmade items with a true story. Every single piece we craft is made by a person, for a person. That emphasis on Central PA inspiration and people really resonates with customers – not just here but across the country as well.

Amy’s creations are beautiful, functional and make wonderful gifts. Her signature product, The Blessing Band©, are bright, bold fabric bracelets which feature a mantra or focus word on the exterior and a related inspirational passage on the interior. They are colorful reminders to live with peace, presence and purpose.

Amy will be at the Centre Furnace Mansion Stocking Stuffer Sale on December 5 and 6 and her items are sold locally at The Animal Kingdom and Contempo Artisan Boutique. To place an order, visit her website at www.mindfullymadestudios.com.

For more information about Amy and Mindfully Made Studios watch her YouTube video,

A portion of all Mindfully Made Studios sales helps U.S. foster children find safe and loving homes through Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).

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