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This installment of “Friday 5″, Local Loyalty Spotlight is with Beth Whitman, holistic health practitioner and owner of Inspired Holistic Wellness.  Beth also runs Indigo Wren’s Nest, in Bellefonte, which houses a wonderful and diverse group of health and wellness professionals.  Their goal of bringing together the community is not all that different than that of Friends and Farmers!

What does local mean to you? Local to me means that my produce has a face – a family, a farmer, and an address I can visit with a short drive.

What is your favorite aspect of the community that supports your business?  I enjoy the small town feel of Central PA community.  I enjoy walking into a local business that is owned by or that employ my neighbors.  We are still  surrounded by fertile farmland that has, often times, been in the family for many generations.

What drove you to open your own business?  I had the great fortune of being involved in an auto accident that was the catalysis for my personal healing through “alternative” modalities.  After many years of striving to reach the next rung of the corporate ladder; I found myself saying “there has to be more to life than this“.  I was pulled into the idea of opening my own business by the knowingness that I could be an ambassador for others to heal themselves by sharing what I had experienced. 

What is the importance for local businesses to cooperate?  Inspired Holistic Wellness is keenly aware of the synergy that our community has to offer.  By collaborating with other local business to share our complementary offerings, we help to cross-pollenate our customers and clients.  By working closely with other local business owners, we build a network that strengthens our community for generations to come in ways that we could not possibly understand.

How does your business act as a co-op and pool resources together to work better? Inspired Holistic Wellness is located at the Indigo Wren’s Nest Wellness Centre in Bellefonte, PA. The Nest is a collaborative group of individually owned and operated holistic wellness practitioners that share a common space. By pooling our resources and co-locating; we are able to offer a greater presence for the community’s well-being.

Inspired Holistic Wellness also offers Reiki healing sessions a Simply Health Salt Spa in State College on a regular basis. I also offer Reiki training at Sage Continuing Education in Lancaster, PA for licensed massage therapists. By participating in local employer and community health and wellness fairs, we support the well-being of the community.

At Inspired Holistic Wellness, our goals is to offer instinctive mind, body and spirit integration to support your profound personal healing.  By blending many holistic methods, techniques and teachings; you are empowered to explore your personal path to well-being.

Beth Whitman is a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and consulting hypnotist, that offers private Reiki sessions and group training for your personal and professional development.  She is an approved NCBTMB continuing education provider for license massage therapists as well as a seasoned business professional.  Whether you wish to embark on your personal path to enlightenment, enhance your holistic wellness practice or invite your intuition into the board room; she can help you discover your power. 

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