5 Questions with Happy Valley Holistic Birth


Meet Kerri Zelman, Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher, she is our Local Loyalty Spotlight of the month. Through her business, Happy Valley Holistic Birth, Kerri offers prenatal yoga classes, workshops and massage therapy, providing support and inspiration for women to embrace the beauty, power and challenges of pregnancy and motherhood.

What is the importance for local businesses to cooperate? Cooperation creates a network of support that allows the needs of a community to be met by the community. When individuals, businesses and organizations work together, with each other and our shared natural resources, there is a sense of strength and resilience that inspires creativity, health & vibrancy, and ideally an overflow from within the community that allows us to share with other communities.

What is your favorite aspect of the community that supports your businessGood nutrition is especially important during pregnancy when mom is literally growing and feeding the mind and body of the next generation. Even though pregnancy is often accompanied by the experience of having no idea what you want to eat, but wanting to eat lots of it, our community is blessed with a wealth of local farms, markets and CSAs that provide an abundance of healthy food options for growing families.

What did you eat for (pick one) breakfast/lunch/dinner that was local or from a locally owned business? Tonight’s dinner: spinach and mizuna salad (hooray for spring greens!) with radishes, all from Jade Family Farm, along with homegrown butternut squash lasagna… yum!

Favorite local food/local food recipe? How can I possibly pick just one?! Each season brings its own unique excitement and gastronomical reverie. However, along with the array of fruits and vegetables, I'm a big fan of local and natural dairy products from happy healthy animals. If you like dairy, homemade onion dip with local sour cream, herbs and caramelized onions could drastically enhance your perception of reality. It's not just for chips and veggies.

Best local food that you can’t get other places? My favorite local food experience that I can't get anywhere else is an outdoor picnic lunch with El Gringo Taco Truck at the farmer’s market in Boalsburg during the summertime!

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