5 Questions with Gemelli Bakers

Gemelli Bakers in this month's "Friday 5" Local Loyalty Spotlight!  Gemelli Bakers is owned by Tony Sapia, a local foods advocate who's bread can be found at most restaurants around town.  Gemelli Bakers can also be found at local farmers markets, as well as at our Online Market.  


Gemelli Bread is the one local food that is present at every meal in our home.

My favorite kitchen appliance I could not live without is a micro-planer.  From grating Parmesan to mincing ginger or garlic to making chocolate curls for dessert, it is really versatile.

I really enjoy when my bread lights up a taste memory in a guest's mind; that is my favorite part of the community.  Connecting my bread to their family history, culture, ethnicity, and allowing them to taste all of that and more in the present moment is really gratifying. 

Serving great bread at my other endeavors was what drove me to start baking bread on my own.  Which led to wholesaling it.  The first customer was Tait Farm Harvest Shop.  Kim Tait has always supported local and she has helped me grow as a baker.

Everything bagel with a sliver of red onion, herring fillet, and a schmear of cream cheese at NYC's Ess-a-Bagel on 19th and First Avenue and a toasted slice of Angelica's Kitchen Vegan cornbread with carrot/ginger "butter" also in NYC at 12th and second.  These are some of my non-local food pleasures.



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